In the forthcoming study year Boris Koldehofe will be course responsible for following courses at the University of Groningen (more detailed information will follow soon):

  1. Network centric Systems (Bachelor Program of University of Groningen, since 2020/21)
  2. Fundamentals of Distributed Systems (Master Program of University of Groningen, since 2020/21)
  3. Software defined Networking (Joint Master Course University of Groningen / TU Darmstadt, since 2020/21)


The scope of Bachelor and Master projects deals with topics in the area of distributed and networked systems.  The list states exemples of some current topics addressed by superwised master/ bachelor students.

  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Software-defined Networking
  • Programing Models for Communication Protocols
  • In-Network Data Analytics
  • Information-Centric Network
  • Distributed Algorithms
  • Complex Event-Processing
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Event-Based Systems

Do not hesitate to learn more by contacting me (even if the topics you had in mind differ).


  • Software Defined Networking (TU Darmstadt, 2017-2019), Master Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computernetze & Verteilte Systeme (Network-Centric-Systems) (TU Darmstadt, 2015, 2017) (Concepts of computer networks + distributed systems), Bachelor Informatik (Compulsory Core Module)
  • Systemkonzepte (Universität Stuttgart, 2010-2015) (Concurrent programming + concepts of operating and distributed systems) Bachelor Informatik und Softwaretechnik (Core Module), Designed module
  • Operating Systems (Universität Stuttgart, 2006-2014), Diplom Informatik und Softwaretechnik, International Master Information Technology (Basic module in Computer Science), Designed module
  • Reliable Distributed Programming (Universität Stuttgart, 2006-2012), Diplom Informatik und Softwaretechnik, International Master Information Technology, Designed module
  • Mobile Computing (Universität Stuttgart, 2011), Diplom Informatik und Softwaretechnik
  • Betriebssysteme und Rechnernetze (Universität Heidelberg, 2010) (Operating Systems + Computer Networks), Bachelor Informatik (Core Module)
  • Distributed Systems (Universität Heidelberg, 2010) Bachelor Informatik 
  • C and C++ Programming (Chalmers University, 2001-2002)